Mets legendary catcher Gary Carter dies

RIP Gary Carter, Mets legend

Former Mets catcher and Hall-of-Famer Gary “The Kid” Carter┬ádied today from brain cancer at the age of 57.

As a lifelong Mets fan, Gary Carter was a legend. If he wasn’t the Mets catcher in 1986, it’s likely the Mets wouldn’t have won the World Series. Even in the years before and after the ’86 World Series, he brought great contributions to the team and always seemed to respect the fans.

Mets fans have already been dealing with losing Gary Carter, ever since his diagnosis with cancer. Seeing how much Mets fans cared about how Carter was doing really showed me how important a player — and a person — he was to all of us.

His contributions to the Mets — and to the game of baseball — can never be fully repaid. I just wish that the Mets had retired his #8 way before this day. His importance to the team cannot be understated and it’s really shocking to me that the Mets haven’t retired Carter’s number yet.

I was so excited when Gary Carter resurfaced a few years ago as the manager of the Long Island Ducks. It was just so exciting having such a baseball presence back at the ballfield.

Thanks for everything, Kid. You will be missed. And you will never be forgotten.

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