The worst umpire call in Major League history

Major League Baseball has always had bad umpire calls. Managers running out of the dugouts and arguing seemingly blown calls is a part of the game, just as much as batting gloves or wooden bats.

And I have seen many, many (too many) blown calls against my Mets in recent games, a few of which have essentially cost them the game.

But absolutely none of this compares to the egregious call by umpire Jim Joyce today to steal away what should have been a perfect game (the third in one season!) by Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galaragga.

I think it would be hard to argue that this was the worst blown call in MLB history:

The worst umpire call in Major League History

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  • JustOneMiss

    My dad agreed that had this been a Yankee perfect game, the call would have been changed.

    But we can all thank Jim for the new baseball slang, “He totally got Joyced on THAT call!”