The chill of Winter sets in

Winter snow. (Photo courtesy

Winter snow. (Photo courtesy

Waking up to go to work at 5:30 this morning, it was a chilling 34 degrees out, the effects of which I felt when I had to separate myself from the covers and get out of bed.

As if waking up to go to work on it’s own isn’t hard enough, right?

The sudden winter chill reminds me of the even worse conditions that are all but guaranteed to come in the next few months during a New York winter:

  • Even colder temperatures
  • Snow, ice, and hail
  • Shoveling
  • Double and triple commute times
  • Teeth-chattering coldness

Yeah, as you might imagine, Winter is my least favorite season. And in New York it can be downright brutal.

Sure, not Canada brutal or North Pole brutal, but bad enough to disrupt one’s quality of life.

Why do you think so many people with the means to do so, follow the now seemingly intelligent flocks of birds and go south for the winter?

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to simply avoid the cold by fleeing for the winter months each year.

When I complain about my disdain for winter to other people, they usually ask why I don’t simply move to a warmer locale like Florida or California.

But, I love New York.

You don’t throw away the baby just because the bathwater gets cold (or something), do you?

No, you most certainly do not. And like the baby, I love the place where I live.

It just gets freakishly cold and makes my life extra troublesome for about three months a year.

Maybe bears have it right with that whole hibernation thing

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