Photo-A-Day Challenge Photo-A-Day Challenge

Welcome to the Photo-A-Day! Started in 2012 and still going strong, the Photo-A-Day challenge is a list of daily photo prompts to help get you posting.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Check out the monthly photo prompts available here at or on Instagram @CityCynic.
  2. Take a photo each day for that day’s prompt. Have fun and get creative!
  3. Post your photo to Instagram or Twitter, making sure to tag your photo with hashtag #CCphotos in the caption so we can all see it.
  4. Repeat the next day.

By exploring the #CCphotos hashtag, you can see what everyone else participating is posting for that day’s theme.

The challenge is to take 30+ daily photos and complete the month, however if you skip a couple or want to only do weekday prompts, that’s fine too.

Here are some of the past Photo-A-Day challenges:

ccphotos0215   ccphotos0115   ccphotos1214
ccphotos1114   ccphotos1014   ccphotos0914   ccphotos0814   ccphotos0714   ccphotos0614   ccphotos0514   ccphotos0414   ccphotos0314   ccphotos0214   ccphotos0114