Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 premieres February 19

Celebrity Apprentice returns with eighteen celebrities for Season 5 on NBC February 19.

I’ve watched all of the previous seasons of the show, which have been full of crazy challenges and great conflicts between celebrities (ie- Gary Busey vs. Meatloaf) playing the game for charity.

Plus there’s Donald Trump, who — no matter what you think of his politics — is a crazy production all on his own. (And I’m not just talking about his hair.)

This season is mega-sized with a series-high 18 participants. And as a bonus, the majority of them can actually be considered celebrities, which hasn’t always been the case in previous seasons.

Claymates will love Clay Aiken, Trekkies will enjoy George Takei, comedy fans will be excited about Arsenio Hall and Lisa Lampanelli, racing fans can cheer on Michael Andretti, television fans have Adam Carolla and Lou Ferrigno, 80’s fans can cheer on Debbie Gibson and Cheryl Tiegs, and reality tv fans have Victoria Gotti, Teresa Giudice, and Paul Teutel Sr. They also threw in Aubrey O’Day, Tia Carere, and Patricia Velasquez for good measure.

From what I’ve read, the two teams of celebrities will be divided by sex — men versus women — with the team names being Unanimous for the guys and Forte for the women.

It will be 12 weeks of celebrities competing for charity, Donald Trump’s notorious boardrooms, and plenty of “YAAAAH FIIIIYAAAAHHDDD!

I’ll be recapping each week’s episode here at CityCynic.com, complete with an updated celebrity contestant graphic. So feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about the show… and enjoy!


CONAN blimp flies over TBS Postseason Baseball (PHOTO)

TBS is flying their Conan blimp over the MLB Postseason games to promote the launch of the new Conan O’Brien late night show on their channel on November 8th.

The bright orange color of the blimp is an ode to Conan’s signature orange-colored Irish hair, but the orange blimp thing has been done before:

Anyway, catch the all-new Conan O’Brien late night show on November 8 at 11pm on TBS.

LOST’s John Locke and Ben Linus reunited on new show?

LOST executive producer J.J. Abrams has pitched a comedic drama (or is that a dramedy?) starring former LOST co-stars Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson.

Since the two actors had such great acting chemistry on LOST as John Locke and Benjamin Linus, many fans have suggested the two do their own show together. And I for one agree — ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson

Abrams’ show concept supposedly features the duo as retired spies living nearby or sharing an apartment in the suburbs somewhere.

Would you watch a show like this? I’m thinking I would.

Jerry Seinfeld calls a Mets game on SNY with Gary and Keith

Jerry Seinfeld was in the SNY broadcast booth for the Mets game against the Detroit Tigers today, calling the game and reminiscing about Seinfeld and Lady Gaga’s recent antics with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez.

Not only was Jerry Seinfeld absolutely hilarious, but he also was really good at calling the game AND providing color comedy commentary!

Seinfeld also discussed Keith Hernandez’ memorable guest appearance on Seinfeld, as SNY came back from break with a couple of clips.

Here are some choice exchanges between the trio from the event:

SEINFELD: “This is the greatest booth in baseball… 1-2 on Johnny Damon…. Gary Cohen is the greatest broadcaster… the best booth”

“I don’t want to do play-by-play. I’m here for the color Mets comedy.”

ME: “Wow, Jerry Seinfeld actually does some great play-by-play. Ron Darling better watch out! His seat is in danger! LOL”

SEINFELD: “Speaking of innovative at first base… Who was more innovative at first base than Keith Hernandez?”

“I dont think there’s anything more fun than being a Mets fan.They have 2 World Championships but they are two of the most exciting a team can have.”

“When are we going to talk about Lady Gaga, that’s why I’m here.”

“Well we don’t understand the kids today & the music business. Maybe, I’m sure we’ll all be bigger fans now that she cursed us out.”

“She should make a nice apology to the Mets fans… then I’m willing to forget the whole thing.”

“Is that Johnny Damon in center?!? What is he doing out there? He can’t cover THAT much ground!”

“Why are the Tigers EVEN HERE?!?”

And when Mets on-field reporter Kevin Burkhardt made a reference to wearing a shirt to the game from the J. Peterman catalog in Seinfeld’s honor (a Seinfeld reference), Jerry replied right back:

“Don’t do my stuff, Kevin.”

I think Gary, Keith, and Ron should have Jerry Seinfeld on once (or twice) EVERY season and make it a yearly Seinfeld Night! So hilarious!

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