Does this make it official?

Today I spent a few hours of my day off from work to get my brand new California license plates.

As anyone who has had to go to the DMV — no matter which state — knows, going to the DMV isn’t really ever something one looks forward to.

smogcheckComing from New York, as my car did, there are a number of extra steps to registering your car in California. One of those is a vehicle verification, which they can do in about 15 minutes at the DMV for free. The second is to get a Smog Check, something that was sort of foreign to me, since New York requires yearly car inspections.

The smog check was actually interesting, although an additional expense of around $50 in addition to DMV registration fees. You basically bring your car to a Test Only business and they run some emissions tests by driving on rollers at 15 MPH and then 25 MPH and recording the pollution your car emits by sticking a sensor in your tailpipe. After a few other visual checks of certain things under the hood, you find out if you pass or fail. Luckily, my car passed the first time!

The time spent at the DMV actually wasn’t terrible. I had made an appointment for the first time I was there and got called in about 15 minutes. The DMV lady entered my information into the computer and collected the registration fees. The second time, I walked in with all my completed paperwork and had to wait about 45 minutes for my number to be called. But once it did, the lady at the counter reviewed my paperwork, typed in the additional info, and handed me my brand new California plates!



It was actually pretty funny to get the different reactions from my friends and family when I posted this picture on social media. Some asked if the plates were real (what?) and some others said it was about time!

All I know is I guess it must be serious and I am enjoying living in Los Angeles! Oh yeah, and my car will continue to be covered in Mets stuff!


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