REVIEW: The Wild Hunt by Ashley Jeffery

[I received The Wild Hunt free of charge as a participant of a Blog Friendly PR campaign in order to publish this review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.]


thewildhuntJust finished reading The Wild Hunt by Ashley Jeffery, the first book in The Wild Hunt Series, and thought I’d share my thoughts in case you’d like to read the book too. Plus, keep reading for a chance to win a book and swag pack giveaway!

This is supernatural fantasy genre novel is written from the perspective of the main character Lorelai, who we quickly find out has the ability to see ghosts. And not just your Ghost Whisperer disembodied white  wispy ghouls, but rather gorey, gut-spilling, stuck-in-the-state-they-died zombie-like ghosts.

Lorelai, or “Lo” as almost all the other characters call her, starts to grow on you as you come to understand the trauma she has been through and how heavily it weighs on her day-to-day life.  While she is a heavily-flawed teenager and rough around the edges, it is fun accompanying her on her journey as she begins to find out about strange occurrences happening around town.

wildhunt2The other characters Lo interacts with are of varied depth and interest, but one could argue this mirrors real life. Not everyone is captivating, but the characters in this novel that do grab your interest leave you wondering what their motives are and whether they are there to help or hurt Lo.

To go on without mentioning the passing similarities to elements of and characters from Twilight and The Vampire Diaries would be a disservice. At the same time, this novel is it’s own story and doesn’t try to “be” anything else. And actually, if you enjoy those series, you’ll probably enjoy The Wild Hunt as well.  And no, this isn’t a vampire story, in case you’ve drawn that conclusion. But it is a supernatural fantasy, so maybe some overlapping elements just can’t be helped.

The story does leave you wanting more, which is a good thing, considering this is the first book in the series. Because the first book sets up all the characters, my guess is that the next one will flow more quickly.

One drawback to this self-published novel is that it lacks the benefits of a going through the proofreader’s eyes. There are many punctuation, spacing, and spelling errors throughout the text that actually became distracting. So much so that I actually had to go back and re-read portions just to make sure I understood what was going on. Now that being said, it doesn’t take anything away from the story, however  it does detract a bit from the overall experience.

Overall, The Wild Hunt is a wild ride of self-discovery filled with gruesome ghosts and supernatural beings. Can’t wait to see where the next book takes them…


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