Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Ear Hat Ornaments

Sure, it’s the middle of summer and you’re sitting there sweating and/or enjoying your air conditioning. ┬áBut that doesn’t mean it’s too early to check out some of the cool Disney ear hat ornaments, right?

Usually in August, Christmas is the furthest thing from my mind. But Disney went ahead and sent me an email about their exclusive Disney Parks collection and I just had to click on the Nightmare Before Christmas collection!

And WHAT’S THIS, WHAT’S THIS? There’s magic in the, uh, EAR. Or something.


pking1 pking2
jackclaus1 jackclaus2 zero2 zero2a sally1 sally2 mayor1 mayor2 oogie1 oogie2

How cool, right? I really like the attention to detail!

Disney is really outdoing themselves with these ornaments! I may have to pick up 1 or 2… or 3 of them for this Christmas!

Nightmare Before Christmas ear hat ornaments retail for $22.95 each and are available online at

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