LA Adventure 5: My Birthday Surprise!

LA Adventure 5: Baseballpalooza has been going great!

Melissa surprised me this weekend with some awesome birthday surprises for my 30th birthday!

On Friday, she threw me a surprise dinner at Yang Chow’s in Hollywood (yum… slippery shrimp!) with all of my favorite California people, including Nicole, Meg, Lexi and Marco, and Briya along with my sister Katelyn.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, we stayed over Friday night at the Tropicana Inn so we could spend the following day at Disneyland!

When my girlfriend plans, she plans well! The most fascinating part was that she got everyone to go along with it and no one (well maybe Marco a little) blew the secret… no matter how many times I tried to get them to spill the beans.

Melissa, Nic, Kate, and I did Disneyland┬áthe right way on Saturday — we stayed from open to close, which was 8:30am – midnight! I really didn’t think I’d make it through all of that, but we were having so much fun that besides my feet hurting a little, I didn’t really notice.

And we went on over 25 rides throughout the day, including that awesome 3D simulation Star Wars ride, Star Tours, twice. The second time without a wait!

Actually the wait wasn’t bad at all the entire day, despite it being a holiday weekend because the yearly passes most people have expired the day before. So we were on most rides within 15 minutes, which was great.

We stayed for the fireworks show. That was cool to see the fireworks over the giant Disney castle.

But even better than that was the Fantasmic show, which takes place on the Rivers of the America in on and around the river, on boats, via projections on the spraying water, and on boats like a giant Pirate ship!

It was so amazing and I definitely recommend you see it when you get a chance.

So I turned 30 in style and with an awesome surprise weekend thrown by the woman I love the most. Can’t beat that! <#

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