Anthony’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-09-19

  • So I ran into the Vice President of Chase Manhattan the other day… #life #interestingexchange #
  • RT @ziggyshea: "You can look like Madonna and party like Tommy Lee." love that that reference went right over 90% of the audiences' heads. #
  • Linkin Park performing now. They can be good. #VMAs #MTV #
  • I love sicilian pizza. Oh wait. Yayy Italy! RT @ziggyshea: HELL YEAH we do! @AnthonyFuria Sicilians rock! RT @ziggyshea: @fifthand56th #
  • A little late to that party, huh? RT @rizzyfreshh: thank you mets, for being terrible. #
  • RT @sebastianzar: VMAs: Deadmau5 is now mainstream. Nikki Minaj carries pillow pockets. Eminem's still the most popular rapper in the world. #
  • I'm still waiting for the #LasVegas movie! RT @steelcorpfilms: @greggrunberg Agreed. #Heroes and #MyNameIsEarl movies are badly needed. #
  • RT @funnyordie: Yo, MTV VMA's- I'm real happy for you and I'ma let you finish but you were a lot more fun to watch when @KanyeWest was drunk #
  • Okay, gotta go to bed. Its been real. Early (and long) day tomorrow. Ciao! #
  • Getting ready to watch the season finale of True Blood with @JustOneMiss for date night! So excited! <# #trueblood #hbo #
  • So cool RT @2HotBloggers: Check out our interview with the awesome folks at @cowineco for our @room704 post this month! #
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