CBS made this show from a Twitter account? What accounts will they use for show ideas next?

10 Other Twitter accounts that should be turned into TV shows

CBS made this show from a Twitter account? What accounts will they use for show ideas next?

CBS’ new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says starring William Shatner is based on the Twitter account of Justin Halpern, who lives with his 89-year-old father. The show’s premiere brought in 12.5 million viewers last week.

Maybe that’s why CBS is planning another TV show based on a Twitter account, @shhdontellsteve. That one is about a guy writing about what his roommate does and is currently being made into a pilot called “Don’t Tell Steve”.

Now I’m not too familiar with that second Twitter account, but if CBS is so intent on making shows from Twitter accounts, I might as well share a list that the network’s execs can use for future pilot ideas:

1) @WolfBlitzerCNN – Come on, Things Wolf Blitzer Says is sure to be a hit. Watch out William Shatner, Wolfie’s gunning for you!

2) @JohnCMayer – A show about a musician who connects with viewers through Twitter? That could be cool. Oh wait, just like John Mayer’s Twitter account, this show has also been cancelled.

3) @PerezHilton – Sure Perez Hilton initially got famous by drawing penises on photos of Lindsay Lohan and then blogging them, but a show about a gossip blogger becoming famous for his celebrity news tweeting would be cool.

4) @50Cent – I guess its not totally surprising that rapper 50 Cent employs no filter while he tweets, but between all the retweets of half-naked, booty-showing photos of fans he retweets, plus gems like the following, I would actually watch this show: “This b*tch is a super freak for real @beautydiorxz yal want some p*ssy follow this b*tch she crazy as hell look at her page.”

5) @KBurkhardtSNYKevin Burkhardt is the New York Mets’ on-field reporter who happens to tweet in the same way that he reports on the baseball teamĀ  — in a timely, relevant, and totally original manner. I’d love to see a show about an on-the-field reporter who covers baseball from unique angles and eventually earns his way into the broadcast booth.

6) @MollieWestieMollie the Westie is just one of thousands of Dogs Who Twitter. And let’s not forget cats who tweet, like @sockington who loves writing about his kibble! How about a show called Paws to Tweet, CBS?

7) @LilPecan – Speaking of pets with twitter accounts, Lil Pecan is a self-described “social media guinea pig” from Boston with over 3,500 followers, that is often snarky while defending the fact that her human doesn’t write her account, like some other animals. A talking-and-typing guinea pig right there on your television?!? Instant ratings!

8) @ev & @bizEvan Williams and Biz Stone are the creators of Twitter. Could you imagine a show about the guys responsible for the newest way the world communicates these days? Hey, they made a movie about Facebook…

9) @AplusKAshton Kutcher helped put Twitter on the map with his competition to 1,000,000 followers against CNN and his straightforward tweeting. How about a show that focuses onĀ  a celebrity’s struggle with what to share and what to keep private and how it affects his family? Sort of part-reality, part-entertainment? I’m sure MTV has a time slot or two open still.

10) @YOU! – Maybe you are the next tweeter that would make a good subject for a show because you use Twitter in a unique way that is also entertaining. Hell, if I’d follow you, why wouldn’t I also wanna watch a show about you too? At least CBS thinks I should…

What other tweeters/tweeple do you think CBS should consider for their own TV shows based on their twitter accounts? Share in the comments below!

LOST’s John Locke and Ben Linus reunited on new show?

LOST executive producer J.J. Abrams has pitched a comedic drama (or is that a dramedy?) starring former LOST co-stars Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson.

Since the two actors had such great acting chemistry on LOST as John Locke and Benjamin Linus, many fans have suggested the two do their own show together. And I for one agree — ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson

Abrams’ show concept supposedly features the duo as retired spies living nearby or sharing an apartment in the suburbs somewhere.

Would you watch a show like this? I’m thinking I would.

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  • RT @sebastianzar: VMAs: Deadmau5 is now mainstream. Nikki Minaj carries pillow pockets. Eminem's still the most popular rapper in the world. #
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  • Very true! RT @iMaDHaTTa Only in #NYC can you see cookie monster and a chicken playing music on the subway!!!! #
  • CNNs Chad Myers saying Hurricane Earl likely to impact the East Coast if not direct hit. Wolf Blitzer asks if it will affect his US Open tix #
  • Angel Pagan starts off the game with an infield single! Yes, we’ll take it! LETS GO METS! GOTTA SWEEP! #mets #braves #
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  • WE TRADE IKE?!? RT @jmcginley73: My love affair with Ike Davis officially lasted 3 months. What do u think he’d bring back in a trade? #Mets #
  • There goes the no-hitter. First batter, too. #mets #braves #
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