MTV Movie Awards: Tom Cruise REALLY has let himself go

Okay, so I missed the MTV Movie Awards this year. Until I caught half of the second immediate rerun and the other half of the third immediate rerun.

Overall the show was pretty good, a lot of funny jokes from host Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Rec”) and some typical MTV-ish moments, like Sandra Bullock’s kiss with Scarlett Johansson, but the real moment of the night was Tom Cruise’s attempt at remaining relevant.

He was back as his alter-ego Les Grossman, dancing around the stage like a lunatic, and then eventually with Jennifer Lopez for some reason.

Man, Tom Cruise has really let himself go…

Oh well, Katie Holmes didn’t seem to mind. She really enjoyed Tom’s moves…

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  • JustOneMiss

    Look at that look of disgust on her face!! LMAO

    Also, wasn't that movie out like 2 years ago?? Let it go Tom…

  • hockeymandad

    Les Grossman rules. I only say that so I'm not kidnapped to the mothership.