Ten things that make me happy

I guess part of challenging other people to take the NaBloPoMo challenge is that they decide to tag you with things to post about. Or at least that’s what RedLotusMama tells me.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, I present ten things that make me happy:

1) Baseball – Namely my New York Mets, who have me on the Mets Rollercoaster this season.

2) Having time to myself, including a little bit of silence. Doesn’t happen that often these days…

3) Turtles – Including my several pet turtles, just awesome creatures all around.

4) Discovering new music and listening to my old favorites. Paramore and Dave Matthews Band, thank you.

5) Taking photographs – I always enjoy capturing what I see and sharing it.

6) Twitter (@citycynic) – Meeting new people and tweeting along with my fellow Mets fans!


8) Dinosaurs. (Nothing more to say)

9) Late Night Comedy – Yes Team Conan, nooo Jay Leno!

10) Her – She’s my everything.

What are some of the things that make you happy?

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  • http://www.justonemiss.com JustOneMiss

    I think my favorite is #7. ;)