Anthony’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-27

  • LOL RT @metsfanmurph: Reason 8,653 why I hate interleague play. While the Mets are playing the Yankees the Braves are playing the Royals. #
  • Elise the baseball fanatic! RT @EliseMichelle New blog post: Go, My Favorite Sports Team, Go: I pledge allegiance to @MLB #
  • Snakes on a Plane sequel? RT @JustOneMiss: Just drove behind a truck said "caution: poisonous snakes" on the back. As in they may fly out? #
  • RT @KBurkhardtSNY: Bobby Parnell will replace Mejia on roster. Has been inconsistent, team likes how he has thrown last few weeks. #Mets #
  • METS WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! 5-0 over the Tigers. Mets now 41-30 have won 12 of last 13 at home. RA Dickey now 6-0! LETS GO METS! #mets #tigers #
  • Haha, a Dickey Quickie! RT @MetsGuide: The game lasted 2 hours and 25 minutes. A quickie from Dickey! #Mets #
  • Dodgers pregame show, asking if Freeway Series means as much to fans as Subway Series does in New York. #dodgers #angels #mets #yankees #
  • Phillies and Indians tied 5-5 in the bottom of the 8th inning right now. Let's go Indians! LOL #mets #phillies #indians #
  • Flickr is improving the Flickr photo page layout and features! Read about it here: #flickr #photos #
  • Angel Pagan left the game tonight with a muscle spasm. Whew, nothing too serious. #mets # #
  • Delicious on a warm summer night! RT @JustOneMiss: "an ice cream cone in the glove" #vinisdaman #dodgers #
  • Wow, whodathunkit?!? RT @werdynerdy: r.a. dickey is the first pitcher in #mets #039; franchise history to start their season with a 6-0 record. #
  • Just got majorly splashed by my softshell turtle after I stretched while sitting next to the tank and startled the guy. I am soaked. LOL! #

Jerry Seinfeld calls a Mets game on SNY with Gary and Keith

Jerry Seinfeld was in the SNY broadcast booth for the Mets game against the Detroit Tigers today, calling the game and reminiscing about Seinfeld and Lady Gaga’s recent antics with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez.

Not only was Jerry Seinfeld absolutely hilarious, but he also was really good at calling the game AND providing color comedy commentary!

Seinfeld also discussed Keith Hernandez’ memorable guest appearance on Seinfeld, as SNY came back from break with a couple of clips.

Here are some choice exchanges between the trio from the event:

SEINFELD: “This is the greatest booth in baseball… 1-2 on Johnny Damon…. Gary Cohen is the greatest broadcaster… the best booth”

“I don’t want to do play-by-play. I’m here for the color Mets comedy.”

ME: “Wow, Jerry Seinfeld actually does some great play-by-play. Ron Darling better watch out! His seat is in danger! LOL”

SEINFELD: “Speaking of innovative at first base… Who was more innovative at first base than Keith Hernandez?”

“I dont think there’s anything more fun than being a Mets fan.They have 2 World Championships but they are two of the most exciting a team can have.”

“When are we going to talk about Lady Gaga, that’s why I’m here.”

“Well we don’t understand the kids today & the music business. Maybe, I’m sure we’ll all be bigger fans now that she cursed us out.”

“She should make a nice apology to the Mets fans… then I’m willing to forget the whole thing.”

“Is that Johnny Damon in center?!? What is he doing out there? He can’t cover THAT much ground!”

“Why are the Tigers EVEN HERE?!?”

And when Mets on-field reporter Kevin Burkhardt made a reference to wearing a shirt to the game from the J. Peterman catalog in Seinfeld’s honor (a Seinfeld reference), Jerry replied right back:

“Don’t do my stuff, Kevin.”

I think Gary, Keith, and Ron should have Jerry Seinfeld on once (or twice) EVERY season and make it a yearly Seinfeld Night! So hilarious!

Celebrating Dad’s Birthday at Medieval Times

Going to Medieval Times in New Jersey is a family tradition for my Dad’s birthday every June.

This year was no different and we found ourselves in Northern Jersey cheering on the Red & Yellow Knight, while we consumed a meal fit for a nobleman of a half chicken, a rib, potato, tomato bisque, garlic bread, and an apple turnover. (All without utensils.)

We even bought my dad the Father’s Day package and he got a special photo of him sitting in a royal throne, along with getting his name announced as a special guest, and getting a special flag to wave.

For those of you who haven’t been to Medieval Times, the story involves several good knights and an evil and jealous Green Knight that basically tries to kill everyone.

So, of course, our knight was the Green Knight’s first victim, suffering a most mortal would after getting knocked off his horse (literally) during a fight-to-the-death jousting session.

We all enjoyed the one-on-one combat and the story line, even if it has gotten somewhat familiar after several times there. And the hawk that they let fly loose around the arena is also pretty cool, despite the fact that I always feel tempted to lift up my chicken leg to suddenly become part of the show.

The only drawback this year was that the actor playing the King sounded so whiny and nasally that we had trouble understanding what he was saying. Some king that was… sounded like a cross between Milhouse from The Simpsons and Gilbert Godfried.

But along with the entertainment and a few royal steins of beer we all enjoyed ourselves and will likely be back again next year.

Anthony’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-20

  • Turned on the Tonys and got to see Green Day performing, Angela Lansbury, Scarlett Johannson winning a Tony, and the stars from Glee. #tonys #
  • Katie Holmes and Daniel Radcliffe presented the first Tony. Who put those two together? And Scarlett Johannson won for View from the Bridge #
  • Who scheduled the Tony Awards opposite the NBA Finals. There are some of us that like musicals and basketball. No, really. #nba #tonys #
  • See what I miss when I switch to the Tonys? RT @katealexislee: Kobe had a airball! WOW #
  • The Tonys are pretty good this year so far, even if the awards show is demonstrating how Hollywood has taken over Broadway. #nyc #tonys #
  • LMAO! Thx! RT @drhli: @citycynic I often sing Jean Valjean lines to put the Knicks woes in perspective. I’m with you. Really. #musicals #NBA #
  • Kelsey Grammer just introduced himself and the cast of La Cage Au Folles on the Tonys. Kelsey Grammer with hair, I might mention. #tonys #
  • Gotta love the guy in drag from La Cage Au Folles flirting with Matthew Morrison and Will Smith on the Tonys. LOL! #tonys #
  • Joe Buck and Tim McCarver! RT @charlie_work: Sunday Night Baseball announcers!!! RT @PhuckPhillyTees Anything worse than the Cleveland Show? #
  • FRASIER REUNION! Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce come out to present at the Tonys! #tonys #frasier #brotherjokes #
  • Now I’ve seen everything… Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez just came out to introduce the musical Memphis. #tonys #football #nfl #
  • Why doesn’t Famous Daves advertise on television or anywhere? #food #restaurant #ads #

Anthony and Melissa: Our First Year Together

Today marks my one year anniversary with my girlfriend, Melissa.

This past year has been both amazing and exhilarating. We’ve traveled and we’ve spent time together at home. We’ve both seen new places and met new people that have made our lives better. We’ve learned just how great helping each other feels. We’ve enjoyed being in sync and seen more than enough signs of “446” together.

We’ve tweeted, blogged, and dailyboothed. We’ve used thousands and thousands of cellphone minutes.

She’s inspired me to express myself again in word and photographs. We created a baseball blog together about our favorite MLB teams, the Dodgers and the Mets.

We’ve shared new foods together and enjoyed new experiences. We both loved going to the movies and listening to music together. We’ve decided on and then watched our television shows together.

We’ve shared our love of dinosaurs and history together. We’ve traded baseball stats and players our teams have shared.

We’ve heard our song, You & Me by Dave Matthews Band, many many times, just about everywhere:

And we’ve laughed, cried, joked, debated, discussed, lived, and loved together more than either of us every have before.

And all of that is exactly why our relationship works so well and why she means so much to me.

I’m looking forward to what the next years will bring! Love you, sweetie! <#

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