The one where I’m in love

11 months = 334.805349 days

Today I celebrated 11 months together with my girlfriend.

A shoulder to rest on :P

Well, sort of celebrated… in the way one can celebrate while working for 14 hours and not seeing the other person. That part of this day wasn’t ideal, but I’m working on that.

The last eleven months have been amazing — I’ve suddenly been able to go places I’ve never been before, feel happier and more needed than I’ve ever felt before, and be a part of something I’ve never thought I would ever be a part of.

All of this because I met you.

So thanks for being yourself with me, thanks for being honest and for not holding back, and thanks for bringing up your concerns about things and also for offering your advice. Thanks for sharing the amazingness of you with me — it has honestly changed my life, all for the best.

I love you. <#

And here’s to elevendy-eleven more!

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  • Miss

    Wow, this is really serious huh? ;)

    Love you sweetie, thank you for you. <#

  • Al_Pal

    Y’alls are SUPER adorable. Dig it. Just started following you on twitter. Rock on. ;p