What is going on here?!?

Well let my blog updating frequency be an indication of the choppy and uncertain ways my life has been twisting and turning the last few months. (Of course, you’d never know it from my tweeting frequency, but that’s a different story…)

I’ve switched job locations involuntarily and been dumped into an entirely different set of challenges and circumstance within the same company. Even though I know what to do it feels like working for an entirely different company.

Its all rather unsettling.

Throw inĀ  a couple of missteps and mess-ups, the majority of which were directly caused by massive amount of time I’ve had to put into work lately, and you have me not frequently writing a lot and updating my blog lately.

And being put into a not-so-comfortable place overall.

It’s strange to have some parts of my life working better than I could have ever expected while simultaneously having a terrible situation of work stresses and problems to get through on the other hand.

It will get better.

Oh, I’m sure it will get better, but its going to have to be through a great amount of change. That may be just what I need in fact, but I don’t think getting to that transition’s going to be particularly easy.

The worst part about the whole situation is that it has been infringing on me getting to do all of the things that I so enjoy: writing here at CityCynic.com, covering my Metsies at MetsTalk.com and BicoastalBaseball.com, and just going out and photographing things and places and people like I had been doing every time that I got a break.

I mean the obvious solution is to get into a career of writing and/or photographing for a living. That would solve a bunch of problems at once. I just have to figure out how to make that happen, I guess…

As for you, my readers, at least I can promise to make a greater effort into updating my blog with interesting and strange news and opinions and entertainment as I work on getting everything back in order around here.

Sorry I got distracted, sometimes life is hard.

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