Mets sign Jason Bay: hope and a poem for 2010

The Mets have agreed to sign All-Star outfielder Jason Bay to a four-year, $66 million contract, pending a physical, improving their chances of making the playoffs in 2010.

Now while I could go into the next moves the team needs to make to get back to World Series shape, I’d much rather share something I found in the comments section of… a poem from a Mets fan (different, right?):


Twas the night before new years / and all through the town / a slight smile was forming / from an uncomfortable frown /

The Mets and J Bay have come come up with a deal / hopefully jumpstarting the teams offseason wheel /

But there is still “quite” an opening / on the teams starting rotation / With an emphasis on quite / which i have in quotation /

There is plenty of room / for the arm of Piniero / But his agent and him / want too much dinero /

We don’t need an ace / we need an arm with no cuts /  a starter with heart / some brains and some guts /

How about Brett Myers from Philly / his teams lookin full / maybe Bedard, Smoltz or Pedro / one or two would be cool /

So on David, on Carlos, on Jose, and John Maine / On Luis, and on Frenchy / I’m not tryin to complain /

You guys need some help / and some Vitamin C / To contend in the East / with the team from Philly /

So rest up this winter / and get ready for Spring /

And keep your fingers crossed / for a World Series Ring

[Originally written and posted on by user hudge36. I added the title and formatting for better readability.]

While I definitely don’t agree that John Smoltz or Pedro Martinez are viable options for the Mets future, I do like the effort put into that Mets poetry.

Hopefully the Mets will make the necessary moves and the 2010 season will flow just as smoothly as the above prose, getting our Metsies to the playoffs.

RIP Alaina Reed (Olivia from Sesame Street) (VIDEO)

Alaina Reed, who played friendly neighbor Olivia for 12 years on Sesame Street, passed away from cancer Thursday at the age of 63:

Actress Alaina Reed-Amini, best known for her long-running roles as Olivia Robinson on the children’s program “Sesame Street” and Rose Lee Holloway on the comedy “227,” has died.

Reed-Amini lost a two-year battle with breast cancer at St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday, according to reports.

Reed-Amini, who changed her named from Alaina Reed Hall after she married Tamim Amini in 2008, turned 63 last month. In 1976 she joined the cast of “Sesame Street” as Olivia, a professional photographer and the kid sister of Gordon the teacher. She left the program in 1988 for a role on the NBC sitcom “227.”

When I heard the news, I didn’t even recognize the name, but then I searched on YouTube and found this video from Sesame Street in the 80’s. All the childhood memories of watching Sesame Street flooded back and I realized that it was Olivia from Sesame Street who had died.

So thanks Alaina, for playing a part in my development during my formative years. You will always have your place on Sesame Street:

Anthony’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-20

  • Exactly! Come on now! RT @daevone10: Lackey needs to stop flirting with every team in baseball and sign with the #mets already #mets #
  • I'm really getting pissed because 2 AT&T stores I went to said they can't do anything for my phone! Meanwhile, I'm still paying daily.. #att #
  • Whoa, BEN FOLDS is a judge on NBC's sing-off?!? Now that's a deal-maker for me! Awesome! Bennnnn! #benfolds #singoff #
  • Phils reach three-team deal to get Halladay, send Lee to Mariners Not the news I wanted to read… #mets #phillies #
  • RT @hockeymandad Ben Folds is the most musically intelligent person on the panel. I learn when he speaks. Great job @BenjaminFolds #singoff #
  • NylonMag is giving away 27 FREE songs from their favorite albums of the year via iTunes Incl Grizzly Bear, Boxer Rebellion #
  • Stephen Colbert: "Clearly [Senator] Lieberman has gone from have "Joe-mentum" to having "Joe-mentia"…" #colbertreport #comedycentral #
  • Ryota Igarashi from the Tokyo Swallows as a setup man for Frankie RT @mlbnewstoday: Mets near deal w/ Japanese reliever #
  • Watching episode 2 of The Sing-off on NBC. Still trying to figure out who the non-Ben Folds judges are.. And that's enough Nick Lachey! #nbc #
  • Well the first step is actually wrapping them, lol. RT @justonemiss: I hate wrapping presents. #
  • LOL exactly. RT @zedarius: If you say "Swan Song" one more time I'm going to punch you in the face, Nick Lachey. #singoff #
  • House votes to turn down volume of noisy TV ads Its amazing that legislation is needed, we're paying for cable afterall… #
  • WNBC anchor Sue Simmons: "Tonight some top politicians told us that Doomsday is not here yet.." That's when I turned the TV off. #nbc #news #
  • The Sing-Off's 3rd Night Opening Number- Early Leak! #singoff #benfolds #
  • Glee will return, don't worry. For now, I give u Nick Lachey. RT @mariacreilly: Missing Glee and watching Singoff instead. Just not the same #
  • Home. Still freezing. Have to go out and finish the rest of my weekly errands. Please no snow tomorrow, please no snow! #nosnow #
  • Checking out Twitter from my HTC Pure! #
  • Continuing my NO SNOW campaign for New York. The new says 6-12" blizzard warning in effect. Nooooo! #nosnow #
  • .@lilpecan The HTC Pure is great! Its like all the good parts of the Tilt but upgraded with TouchFlo 3D and a 5 megapixel camera! #att in reply to LilPecan #
  • Guess I got my replacement phone just in time for the impending snow storm. #nosnow #
  • Twitter outage was cyber attack by Shiite group Twitter was hacked briefly by a group calling itself Iranian Cyber Army #
  • 10 inches of snow here in New York. Just took my 2 hours to get home from work. Got stuck 4 times… #nosnow #
  • Still shoveling… We got 28" of snow! Stupid global warming! #nosnow #
  • RIP Brittany Murphy… Died of cardiac arrest at age 32, reports TMZ. #

Anthony’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-13

  • Ray Romano AND Scott Bakula. Sounds funny! RT @shyonelung: Watch #MenofACertainA\ge tonight on TNT. Great show, well written. #
  • Ray Romano AND Scott Bakula. Sounds funny! RT @shyonelung: Watch #MenofACertainAge tonight on TNT. Great show, well written. #
  • Tonight on EXTRA, "Elliott Spitzer's call girl sounds off on Tiger's mistresses"… Whew, they finally someone credible on that show… #tv #
  • Brian Bruney is finally going to a team that matches his talents.. the Washington Nationals. There is some right in this world afterall #mlb #
  • Working on a cool way to meetup with fellow Mets fans at Citi Field for games during the 2010 season Let me know if you want in #metstweetup #
  • Bought my first Wii game last night. Now all I need is a Wii to go with it… Well it was on sale, so… #outoforder #
  • CBS Cancels ‘As the World Turns' Procter & Gamble, which invented the soap opera is no longer in the soap opera business #
  • Given a choice, more people would vote for a Tea Party candidate than a Republican candidate Tea baggers unite? LOL #
  • I'm totally there! RT @headie123: @DAVEMATTHEWSBAND @GOGOLBORDELLO @BENHARPER in 3D! 1 week only in theaters! Dec 11-17 @inconcert3D. #
  • So NBC is marketing new reality singing show "Sing Off" as half of FOX's Glee and half of FOXs American Idol. So FOX + FOX = NBC ripoff! #tv #
  • RT @metsnews: Mets deal Rule 5 selection to Dodgers #mets #dodgers #
  • Home. Finally. Now food. :) #
  • First absolutely freezing day of the winter. Says 27, feels like 9 degrees. #freezing #cold #
  • Forget Tiger, I'm taking an indefinite break from work for the weekend. #tigerweekend #
  • Why not both!!! RT @nytimessports: Analysis: Mets to Focus on Bay or Lackey, Not Both #
  • RT @alternet: RT @billmaher: What's really f ed up is that u can become a billionaire playing a dumb sport like golf #
  • Was all excited to see A Christmas Carol at Theatre Three in Port Jefferson tonight, but was just told my dad bought the wrong tickets. :( #
  • SantaCon strikes again! RT @newyorkology: RT @MelleHNYC: Hundreds of santas in front of Brooklyn Brewery!! Dangit no camera on this bberry. #
  • Having trouble with my phone, errr. #
  • Getting ready for work. My phone still won't turn back on. Guess I gotta go bring it somewhere tomorrow, sigh. :( #

Anthony’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-06

  • ABC has How the Grinch Stole Christmas AND Shrek the Halls at 8pm tonight, Christmas program viewers! #
  • “Tiger Woods may not want to talk to police, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says, because something embarrassing might come to light.” LOL #
  • So then-Arkansas Gov. Huckabee apparently pardoned the guy suspected of murdering those 4 cops in a diner in Seattle? Oh that’s wonderful… #
  • When Not Watching NBC at 10 p.m., Audiences Aren’t Watching NBC Rivals Either Jay Leno just makes people watch their DVRs #
  • “Twitter” is the most used word of the year — beats out “vampire,” “swine flu” and “Obama” #
  • Hey why not? Keep those fingers unbroken tho please. RT @fantasyalarm: Mets IF Alex Cora will re-sign with the team for one year. #Mets #MLB #
  • Any thoughts, Mets fans? RT @bobsblitz: Chris Coste: Report: Mets sign catcher Chris Coste – Not a game-changer? #
  • Deepak Chopra is really convincing. Maybe I should start paying attention to what he has to say. #
  • December 1 is World AIDS Day. Please help create awareness by blogging, tweeting, or talking about AIDS prevention and information. #aidsday #
  • Alec Baldwin Will Quit 30 Rock, Acting When Contract Expires #
  • Scrubs to Return as Scrubs: Med School Tomorrow More of a spin-off than a 9th season #scrubs #abc #nyt #
  • Iconic journalist Carl Bernstein is on Craig Ferguson right now. Makes me wish journalism was closer today to All The Pres. Men than TMZ… #
  • The Salahis speak out on Today Show, say they were invited to White House Okay, so where’s your invitation then? Right… #
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