Mets announce new pinstriped home uniform for 2010

The Mets' new home jersey debuts in 2010.

The Mets' new home jersey debuts in 2010.

The Mets announced that the team will wear a new pinstriped home uniform in the 2010 season that is inspired by the early years of the franchise:

The design combines new and old elements of Mets uniforms.

The Mets created the retro uniform following research and positive responses to the jerseys the 1969 World Champion Mets wore during their 40th anniversary celebration in August.

The natural color and pinstripes were staples of the original Mets uniform when the team debuted in 1962. The Mets will also continue to wear their white uniform at home with the black jerseys as an alternate.

The new jerseys will go on sale this Friday, November 27 at

I’ve always liked the Mets pinstripes (reminds me of the ’86 team), so this announcement has got me pretty excited. Now let’s pick up a couple of key trades for next season.

And let’s hope the retro nod to the Mets past will help them win in the near future!

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  • Miss

    You know I’m down with the pinstripes baby!!