Invasion of the Chocolate Turkeys

Chocolate turkeys

Chocolate turkeys

Thanksgiving is just around the corner this year and I was reminded of that in the funniest of ways: chocolate turkeys.

It wasn’t going into Walmart or Target and seeing all of the Halloween candy go to 75% and then 90% off.

It wasn’t seeing them pick out the Rockefeller Christmas tree to go on it’s trip to New York City.

Or the early-bird specially-priced tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

It wasn’t the sudden chill in the air, nor the leaves flying by as I stepped out of my car at the end of a long work day.

Or even glancing at the calendar and seeing it was already November 12th.

It wasn’t reading about Thanksgiving on a Twitter post, Facebook status, or MySpace update.

You might think it was because I already had a cool Christmas tree idea in the works for this year and all of the necessary lights and ornaments already purchased. But no.

It was chocolate turkeys:

Chocolate turkeys are elusive creatures.

Chocolate turkeys are elusive creatures.

Chocolate turkeys — rare creatures that only come out in the weeks preceding the holiday and no time else. They are more elusive than chocolate bunnies for Easter, chocolate Santas for Christmas, and chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day.

These turkeys only come out in November. And that’s a good thing, because they are so delicious and I would be eating chocolate turkeys all year long if I could…

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