TwitterPeek: The first mobile device that only tweets

The TwitterPeek by Peek, Inc.

The TwitterPeek by Peek, Inc.

The TwitterPeek is here, just in time for Christmas!

The first mobile device devoted exclusively to tweeting and reading tweets is now on the market and whether or not it will be a hit remains to be seen:

Clad in “Twitter blue,” the TwitterPeek allows all the same functionality of a desktop Twitter client – reading tweets, sending tweets, replying, retweeting and direct messaging – only it gives users that access on the go. […]

Sarva said the TwitterPeek is built for consumers looking for an affordable alternative to expensive smartphones with higher monthly fees. The TwitterPeek sells for $99 with a $7.95 monthly fee or $199 with a lifetime of service.

But with Internet-ready smartphones that can handle many tasks and completely free iPhone Twitter apps out there, it just leaves me wondering where the market is for a $100/$200 device that only does one thing.

I think you’d have to be really devoted to tweeting to invest that much money in a device that does nothing else.

Mobile devices devoted to only one thing aren’t new, however.

There are several devices devoted solely to IMing, like the Radica IM Me Wireless Handheld Device for instance. And there are email-only devices like the Pocketmail.

Don’t you think that someone who is so into tweeting that they’d be interested in purchasing the TwitterPeak would also be someone that chats online or uses email?

Why not combine the tweeting functionality with IMing and email? Sure, that’s what a smartphone is (plus calling), but maybe what these companies are missing is a way to combine the Internet features of a smartphone, into a lifetime service-ready device that excludes phone service (or even better, offers VoIP Internet calling as part of the package).

All technology evolves, but the TwitterPeak seems to be just one of the features of a device that many people could find useful. A little too devoted, if you ask me.

That, or we can all wait until laptops are the size of phones. That’s probably only years down the road as well…

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