National Blog Posting Month: NaBloPoMo begins!

National Blog Posting Month (or NaBloPoMo for short) begins today. I’m taking up the challenge of posting a thoughtful and/or entertaining blog post EVERY DAY for the month of November. And you can too. Just sign up at and start posting!

Like many bloggers know, posting continuously is always challenging, but it is especially a challenge to come up with both the time and the creativity to post 30 days consecutively. But it’s definitely going to be fun, especially since I’m participating with some of my favorite bloggers like JustOneMiss and RedLotusMama.

So check in each day this month so see if I’m really up to the NaBloPoMo challenge. And if you decide to sign up and try on your blog, let me know and we’ll link to you from!


And for all of you participating in NaNoWriMo, good luck with that also!

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  • Red Lotus Mama

    Let the writer’s block begin!

    Nah, but it does seem like when you commit to something like this it gets SO MUCH HARDER to write. /dramaticinflection

    Happy writing my friend and I will be with you the whole way!

  • Kel

    I’m game, but I was game for trying to blog daily for blogging for boobs in October for breast cancer and failed miserably. But….I will try again, hopefully to not fail miserably again. Looking forward to yours, @JustOneMiss and RedLotusMama’s post though. ;)

  • Miss

    Just wait until the last week or so. You’ll hate yourself for signing up but then feel really stupid if you quit then. Sigh. Such punishment. But since you already compared my lack of post at 9am to you and Nic, I MUST NOT FAIL.


  • Anthony

    I dunno, so far so good :)