Citi Field: The Best Ribs in Baseball

I’ll just say it. Citi Field has THE BEST RIBS in baseball. BBQ sauce-covered hands down best.

And I know this for certain without buying ribs in any other major league ballpark. (It also helps that they don’t serve ribs in many other ballparks.)

I attended the Mets-Rays game last night and spent much of the 4th inning chowing down in the Centerfield “Taste of New York” food court.

I ordered up the ribs from the Blue Smoke stand, only knowing that I had heard they were good, along with a Blue Smoke Ale. Okay, maybe the delicious smell of ribs helped me along with the decision too.

So $10 plus $7.50 and 10 minutes later, I sat down with my sister at one of the picnic tables that overlooks the field and got to eat this:

The best ribs in baseball are at Citi Field.

The best ribs in baseball are at Citi Field. (Courtesy WallyG)

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